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Adams, Leslie: Prelude and Fugue for Solo Organ VIV 342 $12.95
Adler, Samuel: Festive Proclamation VIV 326 $8.95
Freund, Don: Ordinary Pieces: an Organ Mass VIV 300 $14.95
Gryc, Stephen: Kandinsky: Six Images for Organ VIV 312 $14.95
Harbach, Barbara: A Suite of Holiday Trios VIV 316 $9.95
Harbach, Barbara: Easter Toccata for Solo Organ VIV 330 $9.95
Harbach, Barbara: Fanfare and Toccata on "Lasst Uns Erfreuen" VIV 306 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: Fantasy and Fugue on a Hungarian Melody VIV 360 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: Fantasy and Fugue on "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" VIV 338 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: French Suite on "Adeste Fideles" VIV 344 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: Nights in Timisoara VIV 361 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: Summershimmer for Solo Organ VIV 309 $9.95
Harbach, Barbara: Toccata on "All Hail the Power" (Diadem) VIV 346 $8.95
Harbach, Barbara: Toccatas and Fugues on American Hymns for Solo Organ VIV 334 $15.95
Harbach, Barbara: Toccatas and Fugues on Hymns by European Women Composers for Solo Organ VIV 354 $16.95
Harbach, Barbara: Toccatas and Fugues on Hymns from the Sacred Harp VIV 355 $142.95
Harmon, Christina: Joyful, Joyful: Preludes and Postludes for Organ VIV 325 $18.95
Harmon, Christina: Preludes on Familiar Hymns VIV 341 $10.95
Harmon, Christina: Variations and Fugue on "St. Theodulph" for Solo Organ VIV 337 $14.95
Janzer, Dennis: Fanfare and Toccata on "Joy to the World" VIV 315 $8.95
Jones, Philip: Asian Praise: Organ Preludes on Asian Hymns VIV 308 $14.95
Jones, Philip: Six Versets on Hildegard Chants for Solo Organ VIV 348 $14.95
Jones, Philip: Variations on "Kum Ba Yah" for Solo Organ VIV 335 $8.95
Kolodub, Zhanna: Poema for Solo Organ VIV 340 $8.95
Norman, Ruth: Festival Overture for Solo Organ VIV 353 $9.95
Richter, Marga: Quantum Quirks of a Quick Quaint Quark, no. 2. VIV 302 $8.95
Shepherd, Adaline: Pickles and Peppers Rag for Solo Organ VIV 345 $8.95
Simpson, Ralph: Fantasy and Fugue on "My Lord, What a Mourning" VIV 313 $9.95
Starer, Robert: Three Gregorian Preludes for Solo Organ VIV 339 $8.95
Stern, Robert: Rhapsody on Peace VIV 321 $8.95
van Appledorn: Variations on "Jerusalem the Golden" for Solo Organ VIV 336 $8.95
Wang An-Ming: Fantasy for Organ VIV 352 $14.95
Willis, Sharon J.: We Shall Overcome: Suite for Organ VIV 351 $13.95
Zabel, Albert: Four Works for Organ and String Quartet VIV 356 $26.95 (including string parts)
Gratitude & Praise: Organ Works by Jewish-American Composers VIV 307 $16.95


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